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A mattress for the elderly

The ideal mattress for an elderly person must contain several parameters which ensure a pleasant, and equally importantly, healthy and regenerative rest. What qualities should distinguish this type of product? First of all, it is important that a mattress for seniors has a firmness adequately adjusted to individual preferences. When choosing a mattress topper, it […]

How to choose a mattress for your child?

A mattress should primarily provide comfort for the back. The most important thing is the right firmness. A hard mattress will make your child uncomfortable, while a soft one is unhealthy for the spine. The best choice is a flexible mattress which adapts to your child’s body structure and weight. It is important that the […]

What should a cot mattress be made of?

There are natural and artificial mattresses for children on the market. The most popular are foam mattresses, latex mattresses and mattresses with coconut inlay. A properly chosen mattress will help prevent health problems in the future, so it’s worth taking some time to make the right choice. Foam mattress Mattresses made of the right foam […]

Why you shoul buy a bedside locker?

Many people skip out on buying a bedside locker or put it off until the last minute. This is a shame, as a bedside cabinet is a practical and elegant addition to the bedroom. The best white and brown bedside cabinets have several shelves to hold your alarm clock, phone, book or mug of tea. […]

Locker or bedside table?

These are two names that are sometimes used interchangeably, but when we talk about a locker we tend to mean a not very tall piece of furniture with a top and shelves, a drawer or a door. A table, on the other hand, is a piece of furniture with a simplified structure – it has […]

Which cot mattress to choose?

Every parent who wants to give their child the best, cares about his or her safety, health and comfort. As you know, a tiny baby spends most of its time sleeping. That is why one of the most important purchases is a suitable cot mattress which you can buy in any shop which you can […]

Dimensions of the bedroom bed

The size of the bedroom beds depends on the number of people sleeping on it. The classification is changed as follows : 90×200 cm – single bed. 90 cm is a minimum of 90 cm in width to ensure comfort of sleeping for one person. The length of the bed is adjusted to your height […]

Mattress for bedroom

The mattress affects your sleeping comfort. There are spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, antibacterial mattresses, coconut mattresses, with different degrees of hardness and many, many others. The offer makes you dizzy. How to choose a mattress that meets our expectations? The choice of a suitable mattress depends on many factors, among others: Body weight: […]

3 different types of mattresses

There are many types of mattresses available in furniture stores in dublin – they cost from about 100 euro to several hundreds. The most important thing is to choose one that will be both attractive in terms of price and at the same time comfortable and durable for years. If you’re wondering what the best […]