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Mattress for bedroom

The mattress affects your sleeping comfort. There are spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, antibacterial mattresses, coconut mattresses, with different degrees of hardness and many, many others. The offer makes you dizzy. How to choose a mattress that meets our expectations? The choice of a suitable mattress depends on many factors, among others: Body weight: […]

3 different types of mattresses

There are many types of mattresses available in furniture stores in dublin – they cost from about 100 euro to several hundreds. The most important thing is to choose one that will be both attractive in terms of price and at the same time comfortable and durable for years. If you’re wondering what the best […]

Mattresses with a latex layer

If we cannot decide to buy a high-class mattress, for example, made entirely of latex foam, we can opt for a layered model, in which instead of a whole block of this material we are dealing with only a few centimetres of it. This kind of matresses can be easily found in furniture shop dublin. […]

Industrial-style furniture – what is it?

Industrial style was born in the world in the 1950s. During this period, the recession was inseparable, and socialist realism was growing in Polish art. Along with these trends, large industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories, halls, as well as department stores began to be devastated. As a result of the collapse of such objects, […]

Furniture and accessories in boho style

Boho style furniture is a combination of references to colonialism, Indian culture and classical style. The boho style in interiors is created, among others, by a massive, exotic boho armchair, wooden chairs with delicate form, industrial coffee tables or wardrobes or sideboards in vintage style. Boho style in terms of furniture selection provides almost complete […]

Pastels in interior design – how can they be combined?

In most of our flats and houses, white, beige or subdued gray appear conservatively on the walls. These are the colors that we choose the most, because they are versatile, universal, matching many styles and interior design. However, over time they can become boring. Then it is worthwhile to get inspired by current inspirations, which […]