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Bedside lockers and cabinets – what should you consider when choosing them?

Bedroom decoration is – just next to living room decoration – one of the most important points on the list of interior design works. In it a key role is played by selection of aesthetic and functional furniture. This is what bedside lockers should be. What should we consider when buying these accessories?

Bedside lockers – unnecessary expense or indispensable investment?

It is not uncommon that when completing our bedroom furnishings, we devote all our attention to selecting a bed, putting the purchase of a bedside table to the background. This piece of furniture is often perceived as an additional expense, consuming costs and valuable square meters of the interior. Meanwhile – nothing could be further from the truth. The role that modern bedside lockers play in a room is definitely not to be underestimated.

Lockers helps to organise the space around the bed in such a way, that leaving it does not end with trampling and destroying objects scattered on the floor. This undoubtedly helps to maintain order and harmony – features so desirable in every bedroom. In addition, if properly chosen, it can be an attractive and striking interior decoration. As you can see – there are many advantages. What should we pay attention to when selecting a bedside locker?

A properly tailored bedside locker – dimensions

Many new flats are characterised by limited space. Therefore, as with any other room, the first thing you should consider when buying a bedside locker is the size of this piece of furniture and the bedroom in which it is to be placed. A skilful balance of proportions will allow you to maintain visual lightness and harmony in your interior.

Wondering what size to choose for your bedside locker? The dimensions of this piece of furniture should be adapted to the size of your bed. As a standard, it is recommended that the bedside table is equal to or slightly higher than the height of the sleeping unit. This will ensure the functionality of the bedside locker and make it easier for you to reach things on it.

Apart from usefulness, this issue also has an important bearing on aesthetic considerations. A bedside cabinet that is too small will visually “disappear” against the background of a large bed. On the contrary, if it is too large, it will create an artificial, conspicuous disproportion. If you want to avoid this effect, and with it the difficulty of adjusting dimensions, think about ready-made furniture sets.

Number of bedside lockers in the bedroom

Another thing you should consider after deciding on the size of your bedside cabinet is the number of bedside lockers in your bedroom. Do you think it’s standard to have one in a room? Not necessarily. Two narrow bedside tables placed symmetrically on either side of the bed are just as effective. Apart from the additional usable space, an undoubted advantage of such a solution is the possibility of interesting experiments with its appearance.

No one said that the furniture has to be identical. A black bedside table will correspond effectively with a white cupboard placed on the other side of the bed, a round one with a square one, a wooden one with a polished, shiny plate. A narrow bedside table can also have an interesting effect.

But before you start creating these combinations, pay attention to your bedroom layout. Whatever your tastes or preferences, the number of bedside lockers should fit the size and shape of your room and the position of your bed. If it’s pushed up against the wall, even a narrow bedside locker won’t find its place.