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The size of the bedroom beds depends on the number of people sleeping on it. The classification is changed as follows :

  • 90×200 cm – single bed. 90 cm is a minimum of 90 cm in width to ensure comfort of sleeping for one person. The length of the bed is adjusted to your height and should be at least 10 cm longer.

  • 140x200cm – double bed. The smallest width for two people sleeping together is 140cm.  The smaller size will not allow you to turn around freely and take a comfortable position while sleeping.

  • 160x200cm – a double bed. A very favourable size to ensure comfort of sleeping for two people. Each of the people sleeping on such a bed will be able to change their position during sleep without any complications, without waking the person lying next to them.

  • 180x200cm – a double bed. Huge amount of space for two people. We will be able to sleep successfully and we will not feel any changes in the position of the person lying next to us. Such a large sleeping area will be a great place to spend common mornings with children.

  • Remember that with double beds the distance from the wall on the right and left side of the bed should be 70 cm. This size will allow you to move freely around the interior.