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Furniture in leather upholstery. Why should I have them?

Many people resign from buying furniture in leather upholstery because they believe that leather is difficult to maintain, cold and not stain resistant. Is this really true? We check!

Natural leather upholstery – advantages

If we want our sofa to look exceptional, elegant and have a unique character it is really worth investing in a piece of furniture in natural leather. Apart from visual qualities such as original colouring, interesting texture or noble structure, leather upholstery has many other advantages. Leather can absorb and then give off moisture up to 25% of its weight, which makes it a kind of humidity regulator in a room. It has high elasticity and resistance to tearing. Thanks to that furniture in such upholstery can be used for many years.

Care and regular maintenance with professional agents dedicated to a given type of leather allows to maintain its good appearance and protects against unwanted stains. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth without using any chemicals to remove the dirt. Leather with a lacquer topcoat actually maintains the ambient temperature, so upholstery in a 20°C room will at first seem cool, but after a while, it will get localised to your body temperature. This is not the case with semi-aniline and aniline leathers. They do not give an unpleasant feeling of coolness and provide the highest comfort of sitting.