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Industrial-style furniture – what is it?

Industrial style was born in the world in the 1950s. During this period, the recession was inseparable, and socialist realism was growing in Polish art. Along with these trends, large industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories, halls, as well as department stores began to be devastated. As a result of the collapse of such objects, the form of their use and arrangement in accordance with current needs began to be considered.

Initially, these post-industrial buildings began to be used for typical residential purposes by local artists, who became pioneers of the industrial style. Unfortunately, the industrial style did not reach our country until the end of the 90s, but very quickly found many amateurs in our country.

What are the characteristics of industrial interiors?

Industrial style is characterized primarily by large and open space, high rooms, large windows located at the ceiling and the lack of partition walls and barriers separating rooms. Industrial furniture is usually made in a simple, almost minimalistic way, mainly from metals, resembling factory equipment. Industrial furniture and the whole industrial style draw handfuls from the disposition and lifestyle of the artists who were the first to start transforming post-industrial halls into residential objects. In this design, one can find above all momentum and great freedom, freedom, as well as something like exclusivity and sophistication.