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Locker or bedside table?

These are two names that are sometimes used interchangeably, but when we talk about a locker we tend to mean a not very tall piece of furniture with a top and shelves, a drawer or a door. A table, on the other hand, is a piece of furniture with a simplified structure – it has legs and a top, and sometimes a shelf under the top. A bedside locker seems to be a more functional solution – you can fit more things inside, but does this piece of furniture have only advantages? Let’s check!


  • Small, but roomy – you can put a lamp or something to drink on the tabletop and hide useful, handy objects inside the cabinet.
  • It is a great place to put books, a glass of water or your phone.
  • A bedside locker is also useful if you forget to take off your jewellery or watch before going to bed – you can put them in the bedside table and bring them back to the right place in the morning.


  • If you don’t buy it together with your bed and other furniture, it might be difficult to find a bedside locker that matches your other furniture.

Which bedside locker should I choose?

The range of bedside lockers is surprisingly wide and varied. Among the furniture in this category you will find proposals for every interior. What are the types of bedside cabinets? Below we divide the proposals according to aesthetics:

  • Modern bedside cabinets – unusual and original solutions suit the modern aesthetics. An interesting idea is a hanging nightstand (fixed to the wall) or a simple and timeless white nightstand with a square or rectangular shape.
  • Glamour bedside cabinets – the glamour aesthetics requires a cabinet of original design and refined shape. This can be a cabinet on curved legs, lacquered in high gloss or a mirror nightstand – extremely glossy, impressive and fitting to this aesthetic.
  • Industrial bedside cabinets – a metal bedside cabinet, imitating a very aged object, deliberately aged or actually found in attics or antique markets, will be perfect for this role.
  • Scandinavian and minimalist bedside cabinets – the quintessence of minimalist and Scandinavian aesthetics is white, so the best choice for such interiors seems to be a white veneer or wooden bedside cabinet, which has been painted white. A cabinet of this type should also have a fairly simple design.
  • Rustic bedside cabinets – idyllic and rustic aesthetics are associated primarily with wood, so a wooden bedside cabinet, preferably in a natural colour, is a great choice for an interior in this style.