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Mattress for bedroom

The mattress affects your sleeping comfort. There are spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, antibacterial mattresses, coconut mattresses, with different degrees of hardness and many, many others. The offer makes you dizzy. How to choose a mattress that meets our expectations?

The choice of a suitable mattress depends on many factors, among others:

  • Body weight: people of similar weight will successfully sleep on a mattress with the same degree of hardness. However, if the difference between the weight of two people sleeping is greater than 30kg, it is worth considering choosing two mattresses. For each person, a different one, adapted to their body weight. Be sure to buy one mattress with different degrees of hardness – made especially for people of different weight.
  • Growth: The mattress must not be too short, as the feet will be forced to hang in the air, so we won’t be able to cover ourselves thoroughly, and so we won’t be able to sleep peacefully. On the other hand, a mattress that is too long will remain unused, and will take up valuable bedroom space. A properly selected mattress is one that is 10 cm larger than the highest person sleeping on the bed. Then we will be able to sleep comfortably and start the day with new energy.
  • number of people: If the mattress is to serve one person, a width of 90cm is enough. The minimum width for two people is 140cm. However, when we plan to sleep with children in one bed, it is best to choose a width of 160cm, 180cm or more.
  • Health predispositions: people who have health problems, especially those related to back pain, headaches, should consult a doctor about the degree of hardness of the mattress. A professional will select the best degree of hardness for your health, so that the annoying pains caused by sleeping on the wrong mattress will stop.

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