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If we cannot decide to buy a high-class mattress, for example, made entirely of latex foam, we can opt for a layered model, in which instead of a whole block of this material we are dealing with only a few centimetres of it. This kind of matresses can be easily found in furniture shop dublin.

Latex is considered to be one of the best mattress materials. It is very durable and durable, because mattresses made of it can be used for up to 10 years. It also has very good spot elasticity, so it adapts perfectly to the body along its entire length – thus, the comfort of sleeping on latex mattresses is incomparable to other types of mattresses. In addition, latex mattresses have anti-allergenic properties – they are airy, prevent the development of mites, and give off moisture well. They can be safely used by people with allergies.

The best choice are latex mattresses made entirely of latex block. Unfortunately, the prices of such models are even several hundreds euro. The cheaper solution is a foam or spring mattress with a latex layer on top. Then it provides high comfort and is not very expensive. The thicker the latex layer, the more comfortable the mattress will be.

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