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Good proposal for those looking for cheap mattresses online are models with coconut mats. Most often these are foam core mattresses, but we can also opt for those with a spring core.

Coconut mattresses, i.e. with a coconut mat, are the best choice for those who prefer a harder surface. For the production of a coconut mat, coconut shell fibres mixed with latex are used, which gives the whole mattress its flexibility. This ensures that the coconut layer does not break or crumble.

In terms of their properties, coconut mattresses are not only distinguished by their higher hardness, but also by their high level of hygiene and durability.

Due to the natural mineral salts they contain, coconut fibres prevent excessive microbial growth. They are also airy, i.e. they support proper air circulation, as well as absorbing and releasing moisture well. That is why sleeping on a coconut mattress is hygienic and such models are also recommended for people with allergies.

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