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Player’s desk. How to choose a good gaming desk?

A gaming desk should meet quite specific requirements. What to pay attention to when choosing a gaming desk? What solutions are recommended for players?

A player’s desk must not be random. Many players need several monitors that do not fit on a small desk. Rarely does a gamer also use wireless solutions – so the desk must have special tunnels and holes for cables. What are the features that should distinguish a player’s desk?


The gaming desk must first and foremost be of the right size. It should be large, deep and wide enough to hold several monitors, a keyboard and the necessary accessories for gaming. Rectangular desks are the most popular, but corner desks will also work – especially if the player has a printer. Small desks, which are only a laptop stand, will not work for gaming. They will not provide comfort and will simply not be comfortable.


The gaming desk should have an adjustable top. This way it will grow with your child and, if necessary, the desk can also be used by parents. Such a desk will also work in a situation when we have a small flat and one of the parents works at home. It can then be used as a worktop for work during the day, and in the afternoon for children to play or study.


The player desk can be made of different materials. Before buying, it is worth checking whether the top is scratch-resistant – thanks to this the desk will serve the user longer. Good materials are wood or MDF, but desk can also be made of plastic. Only desks with a metal top are not recommended, as it is simply uncomfortable to use them for a long time.

Gamers often prefer to use wired devices, because they provide higher efficiency. That is why there are usually a lot of cables to hide at gaming desks. When buying a gaming desk, it is worth to make sure that it has special holes and tunnels to hide the cables. Also masks will work well, which will help to hide the cables from the eyes of outsiders.


The gaming desk should also match the interior design. If the furniture in your child’s room is white, the desk can also be white, but also colourful, and provide the whole interior with character. If the furniture is colourful, the desk can be a soundproofing element. Then it is worth choosing neutral colours. This will also be useful when the player has several monitors – they will already be sufficiently eye-catching in this room.

When buying a gaming desk it is worth to follow the described features. The desk should be sufficiently wide and deep (so that the monitors do not stand too close to the eyes) and provide comfort to the user. It is also worthwhile for it to have an adjustable top and to fit into the interior.