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What should a cot mattress be made of?

There are natural and artificial mattresses for children on the market. The most popular are foam mattresses, latex mattresses and mattresses with coconut inlay. A properly chosen mattress will help prevent health problems in the future, so it’s worth taking some time to make the right choice.

Foam mattress

Mattresses made of the right foam are the most popular choice for parents, especially those who are concerned about allergies in their children. There are many types of foam. 

Latex mattress

The 120 × 60 cm latex mattress is one of the most popular mattress models for babies. Not without reason, as its characteristics and benefits are tailored to this age group. 

Coconut mattress

They have gained a lot in popularity and no wonder, since they encourage a good price and natural, ecological materials. What properties does coconut have and is it a good type of mattress for a cot?