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Every parent who wants to give their child the best, cares about his or her safety, health and comfort. As you know, a tiny baby spends most of its time sleeping. That is why one of the most important purchases is a suitable cot mattress which you can buy in any shop which you can see after typing “furniture stores near me” phrase in Google. Parents often wonder what hardness a mattress for their child will be ideal and what it should be made of.


Mattresses for children come in many models and types. So the choice is not easy. If you’re looking for a cot mattress to buy, it’s worth reading this guide. 


A mattress for a child usually has dimensions of 60×120 cm, 70×140 cm or 80×160 cm. The choice of the right size depends on the size of the cot we decide on and of course the height of the child. It is best if the mattress is at least 20 cm longer than the child. When considering which mattress to choose for your child apart from the appropriate size, when buying a cot mattress, we must also take into account the appropriate type of filling.


Infants start to exercise their muscles slowly, turning their head or changing position. This raises the question of what kind of mattress for an infant will allow him to change position freely, while at the same time being a good support for his spine. It is worth knowing that an improperly selected mattress for an infant or newborn can unfortunately cause postural defects in the future.


The newborn is completely defenceless. It also spends most of its time in the cot. That’s why you need to check carefully which newborn mattress is best for your baby.

A mattress for a newborn or infant must first and foremost be fully safe. Therefore, make sure that it has the appropriate certificates and approvals. One of them is Oeko-tex® Standard 100, which certifies that the mattress does not contain any hazardous chemicals. CertiPUR is a certificate for polyurethane foam mattresses. It guarantees the absence of chemical impurities (heavy metals, formaldehyde, freons and others). Ideally, a mattress for an infant also has a positive opinion of the Children’s Health Centre or the Mother and Child Institute.