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How to protect garden furniture against unfavourable weather conditions – this is a question that is asked every year by owners of home green areas as well as cosy terraces or balconies. Effective protection of garden furniture is not an easy thing to do – sometimes it is necessary to choose specialized covers for them, and sometimes it is important to take care of proper technical impregnations or protective and decorative preparations. It is worth noting that some models are not at all suitable for outdoor storage during colder months – especially furniture made of delicate types of wood. So what measures should be taken to effectively outwit rain, snow and frost and ensure that garden furniture is in good condition?

How to protect wooden garden furniture before winter?

Storage of wooden garden furniture can be a bit difficult, as these are usually the largest models. Unfortunately, almost every type of wood is exposed to the adverse effects of frost and moisture, so for this type of furniture it is worth to find a place in a warm and dry room from the beginning, e.g. in a garage. Only models made of exotic wood, such as acacia, meranti, teak or eucalyptus can overwinter on a roofed terrace or under a shelter.

What else to remember when protecting furniture against winter? At the end of the summer season, wooden garden furniture should be carefully cleaned using wood cleaners, tighten loose screws and oil the hinges. To effectively extend their life, it is worth impregnating them with a special wood preparation or varnishing. A similar procedure applies to other wood accessories, so if you are wondering how to protect your swing for the winter, follow the above advice. If the swing is fixed permanently to the ground, take care of a special cover – never plastic foil.